Thursday, March 25, 2010

I guess its about time to Update!

Well there are lots of things have happened sine June of 09 lol. Greg made it back home form West Virgina, we made it through the holidays slightly fatter but that's another blog I'm sure. I have been keeping busy with being a nanny for my brother and his wife. I am definitely having to learn some patience fast with all the kids. Evan especially, I love the kid but some days are a little more difficult then others for him.

My parents left on their mission to Washington We finally got a family picture taken. We haven't had one in about six years. When there is a lot in your family and everyone gets busy.... you know how that goes.

Greg is currently going to school and loving it, maybe even a tad to much :) I just discovered that he has is own blog, that is another good reason to get on here more!